Dreaming about 2016

I love Jennie Allen!

Jennie Allen is an award-winning Christian author and founder of the website IF:Gathering, a great resource for women wishing to learn how to better live out their faith. I’ve been blessed to be able to read a few of her books and participate in bible studies she has written and through the IF: Gathering site. Each participation has helped me to grow in my faith, and I have come away from each one better understanding myself and where I want to go.

As I look to 2016, and things I hope to accomplish in this new year, I am using a guide from Jennie Allen to help me really look at myself, where I’ve been and where I’m heading. She calls it a Dream Guide. I like that, because I’ve lost my interest in resolutions! So I’m trying something new!

The guide has several sections – including spiritual, relational, personal and work. Each section then breaks down into more detailed items. When I first downloaded it, I seriously thought Oh.My.Word! Yet each time I pick it up, I feel excited. Excited to really think through my goals and dreams. Excited to really do something about them!

As I’ve been working on my guide, I’ve thought back on my life and, mostly of the last couple years. Though I am moving forward, I would be lying if I said those years have not been some of the most emotional and challenging of my life. It’s time, though, to evaluate what I’ve learned from those times and use it to grow and maybe even help others!

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In Jennie’s blog post for her guide, she says something that leaped off the screen at me ~”but it was the year I chose to enjoy my life (even the difficult things) rather than just survive it. If we aren’t intentional- that is what ends up happening, rather than living, we survive.”

I’m tired of just “surviving” my life. I want to live my life. To enjoy my life. I want to have big dreams, and see them happen. This Dream Guide is helping me to see where fear and worry and negative talk has been holding me back. I want this year to matter – to me, to my family and to those I touch.

So I’m plugging away at my guide, taking my time and really thinking through my thoughts and dreams. It’s challenging, it’s eye-opening and it’s exciting.

If you would like to check out the Dream Guide, visit Jennie Allen’s blog at

Image result for colton dixon through all of it

*lyrics from Colton Dixon’s “Through All Of It”.

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