What I Am Most Thankful For — Quiet Time (D27)

Today I am thankful for quiet time…and Chicken Noodle Soup!

Like many people, my life can get really busy. Family and friends, work, home, projects, volunteering — whew! Making time for everything can get hectic, especially around the holidays.

I have made some good strides over the past few years in reducing the chaos that the holidays can bring. Not quite so many commitments on the calendar, reasonable decorating plans and returning to more sensible gifting has helped a lot. Still, we can’t always account for those things we don’t have control over.

Like getting a good, old-fashioned, kick you in the behind cold!

Yep, I’m sick. It started the day before Thanksgiving as a simple tight chest and sore throat and has since derailed all the plans I had for this holiday weekend. A weekend that I had planned to get so much done — all my shopping, my decorating and all my other normal Thanksgiving weekend fun. All quite doable, in a four day time frame. Instead, I’ve spent the past few days flat out, no energy and mostly by myself.

Worried that I might share this unfortunate joy with my husband, I’ve been happy to see my him continue with his plans. Anything to get him out of the house and away from my germs! At the same time, being on my own and not being able to do anything, can be nerve wracking. Thinking of all the things I should be doing, rather than laying around. Trying to figure out when my to-do items would now get done, in the time I have available. I could feel this familiar twinge of stress starting to build.

Then I began to think about those who were dealing with much more than I was, this holiday season. Illness, healing, loss and difficult obligations. Close friends and family who are dealing with things that are so much more important than the minor scheduling setback in my life. It really puts things into perspective!

And so I embrace my quiet time. To catch up on reading, to write and to simply sit back and enjoy the silence — in a season so filled with light and sound. To heal, and then to know that I will get done what I truly need to, without stress or worry. To pray for those who are going through their own trials at this holiday season.

I believe we build out relationship with Christ in our quiet times. No distractions, nothing we have to rush to. Just time with out thoughts, thanking Him for all His blessings and for the time to quietly take stock!

If God was sending me a message today, it came in the form of a text — telling me to check my front door. There lay a bag, filled with hot chicken noodle soup and rolls. A familiar face waving from the car of the angel who left it. Just what I needed today at just the right time! My blessings abound!

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