What I Am Most Thankful For — Friends (D23)

For this last week of November, in my writing project, I’ve decided to pick 7 things that I am most thankful for. I will write about one each day — though I’m not sure they will be in any specific order of gratitude!

So here is day one!

I am grateful for my friends!

I have friends all over the country. Some are very close friends, some are friendships formed through work or other associations I’ve been involved with. Some are people I’ve met along my travels and some that I’ve just met through happenstance. Some I keep in contact with quite frequently, some I may not have contact with for long periods of time. Some friends know me in a very deep way, and others are more simple acquaintances.

I am thankful for them all!

In some of the most difficult times of my life, my friends have been there to pull me through. In the more joyous times, they have been there to celebrate with me. And in the everyday times, they have been there to be companions, to encourage and uplift me, to hold me accountable, to show me love and to simply listen!

I have never been one to base my worth on the number of friends I have. While I am grateful for everyone I have had a friendly relationship with over the years, I am most thankful for the small group of friends who I have the deepest relationships with. The friends who know everything about me — good and not so good — and they care for me anyway, and with all their heart. I love them like family — my brothers and sisters from a different mother! These are the people who I can count on in any circumstance and I would do the same for them!

The love I have for these friends in no way diminishes those friendships that are not as close. If I’ve learned anything over the last few years, it is that people will surprise you. Sometimes, when you least expect it, a person will come from nowhere and be just the person you needed in your life at that moment. They may come and go, but some may turn into one of those close friends that you come to cherish.

No matter what the level of relationship, we all need friends in our life. So this Thanksgiving season, I thank God for each person he has put in my path — close or long distance, deep or acquaintance — they all have a place and they all make a difference!

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