Thankful for Thanksgiving Dinner, Especially When Someone Else Is Cooking (D22)

I stopped at the grocery store on Saturday to pick up a few things for the week. As I was pulling into the parking area, I wondered why there were no spaces open. And why carts looked much fuller than normal.

Was there a storm I didn’t know about?

It’s sad, but it actually took me a few minutes to figure out that it was the start of Thanksgiving week. Not that I had forgotten the holiday all together, it just failed to occur to me about the shopping part of the holiday preparation.

A confession — in my 50+ years, I have cooked exactly ONE turkey. My husband got the turkey while hunting and I cooked it. I had no idea what I was doing, but it turned out ok!

We’ve been lucky that since being married, we’ve always been invited somewhere for Thanksgiving dinner. Whether with family or friends, our dinner preparations have generally been limited to some type of a side dish or appetizer or dessert, and planning the optimal clothing for feasting comfort!

I have great respect for those folks who love to put out a grand holiday meal! Lots of prep work, a full day of cooking, all for 30 minutes of eating, followed by an hour or more of cleanup. Wow! That takes some stamina!

I thank God each year for putting people in our lives who love the whole shabang!

This year, like so many others, dinner is with my husband’s parent. A late afternoon meal, to allow time for the boys to hunt in the morning. The day will include football, purusing the black Friday ads and probably a spirited game or two of cards or dominoes.

A small get together, but dinner will be a full menu! My contribution — a jello mold and an extra pair of hands for prep and cleanup.

It’s what I do!

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