Sticker Worthy (D8)

I had the pleasure of dropping in on a friend this weekend. During my visit, her son was showing me some of his toys and how they work. A very friendly child and lots of fun to chat with. As I was leaving, he patted a Cars sticker to my sweater, which he had colored himself.

My friend advised me that I had apparently been deemed “sticker worthy”.

I had to ponder that statement, because just the night before, another friend’s daughter had placed a Frozen sticker on my hand as we were getting our things together. It was important to her that I took care of it, so she made sure to firmly press it into my skin so I wouldn’t lose it. It was very cute!

I’m not sure I get the whole sticker thing. For me, stickers are a great gift for younger children. They are easy to find, fairly inexpensive and the kids always love them. And while I’m not sure that every child has a death-grip on their sticker sheets, it’s sweet to think that a child took a moment to pick one out and share it with me!

We don’t have kids of our own. Not that we don’t like kids, but you know that old saying “Kids are great — when they are someone else’s.” That’s us in a nutshell!

It may be our age now, but lately we’ve felt a little softening in that area of our hearts. I suppose we are in the season of our life where most people would start to enjoy grandchildren. While we may not have any of our own, we are thankful to be able to experience those grandparent-like feelings through our younger friend’s children.

So I’ve been thinking that this could be a life challenge. To be found sticker-worthy! It might simply mean that I took the time to share a moment with a child. It doesn’t have to be anything more than just listening, paying attention and showing an interest. Not always a time consuming endeavor, but just a moment. A connection. Sharing. Caring.

All simple but powerful actions!

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