Reunions (D15)

This weekend has been a reunion of sorts, for my husband and I!

We spent time helping friends celebrate a very special time in the life together. It was simple and beautiful and we were so blessed to be a part of it.

Today we traveled on to the area where I was born and lived for several of my younger years.

The trip started off with a challenge. Late start, not alot of sleep and a few expected hours on the road. Once we got to our hotel, our room wasn’t ready and the staff was less than helpful. By the time they let us know we could check in, we were both ready for a nap.

Troopers that we are, we climbed back in the car to our next visit.

We spent a wonderful afternoon with my Aunt, who for a few reasons I have not had alot of contact with for many years. She has been feeling very lonely, since my Mom passed last year, and it was time to put past aside and bridge the gap.

For several months, my younger sister has been communicating and visited her, so her children could get to know their great Aunt. But more than that, she is a connection to my Mom and her family history that my sister yearned for.

For me, it was just the right thing to do!

So we had deep discussions, and many laughs. We shared a meal and many memories. I will cherish the chance to visit with her. I will make a better attempt to remain in contact going forward.

And I am thankful for family, every day!

And now… to test out the jet tub in our upgraded room! The silver lining of what started as a challenging day. Not bad!

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