My Continued Battle with Healthy Eating (D6)

It’s just sad! I volunteer seasonally at a Farmers’ Market, and I probably eat the least number of vegetables during those summer months.

Each Saturday, I walk through a wonderful variety of locally grown seasonal fruits and produce. I chat with the vendors and take pictures for the market’s social media sites, and rave about how wonderful everything looks. Then I walk right on to the next booth. When I do make it back around, I stop at the baker, the soap maker and, heaven help me, the fudge vendor.

The most times I have indulged in our local bounty, it was sweet corn. A tasty treat for certain, but not the most nutritional option. I have a CSA with a fabulous local grower who offers strawberries June through September, along with other berries and apples. I do take full advantage of those purchases — either for immediate use or freezer storage. Great options, but still lacking in well rounded nutrition.

And so now the season has come to a close and already I am crabbing about the fact that I miss the locally fresh produce options. Funny, since I really didn’t take advantage of it when it was here.

So I will push through the winter months, as I continue to work on my goal of eating at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. I’ll try to find suitable “fresh” produce options in our local stores, until next market season…when hopefully I will truly take advantage of the local harvest next season!

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