My 60-Day Writing Project

A family member recently embarked on a goal to write something, each day, for one year. Quite an undertaking for a person who, I’m guessing, did not have many moments to spare in her schedule. I hope she has enjoyed writing them, as much as I have had reading them!

I have dabbled on and off over the last several years with writing. My urge to write usually arises when I am facing down a fork in the road of my life’s journey, or I am feeling like I need a creative outlet. I write for a bit, when the topics are flowing like water. The, as if a stone wall went up in my mind, I find myself grasping for ideas. So I stop. I have many excuses for why that is, but the truth is I just haven’t really taken it seriously. It’s just been something I do for a release and when it’s easy.

So, in an effort to be more serious about writing, I’ve decided to start my own project. A 60 day trial run. First, to see if I can truly do it. Find something to write about, each day, for this period of time. No set topics, just random thoughts and feelings. Maybe some insights. Maybe just some fun.

Who knows where it will go — but I’m willing to try! I hope you will find something you enjoy reading through my project. Though, I’m writing for me!

Thanks to Lynne for the idea and encouragement! See you tomorrow

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