Let Kindness Be Your Goal (D9)

I am often surprised by the kindness of people. Not because I generally find people to be unkind, but because I sometimes wonder how genuine that kindness is. So when you see it in its purest form — unselfish and with no expectation of reward or even recognition — it just makes the world a nicer place.

There is a woman I know who has a heart for the hurting. She is in a profession that allows her to have friendly conversations with people during their service interactions, and usually to see regularly them over a period of time. It is through these interactions that she recognizes the signs of someone dealing with difficult feelings, or changes in their life. Some might listen politely as these customers told their stories, maybe share a hug and then say good bye at the end of the visit. This woman, however, is not only there to offer an ear and a word of encouragement, but she can often be found offering that person companionship, and even assistance in getting some help.

In the time I have known her, I have seen her take these steps with a number of different people in grief. Not only leading them to support, but going with them to make sure they were comfortable.

I watch in awe of how attuned she is to the people around her. The true interest she takes in their situations, and the active nature of that interest. And while she deals with her own personal life issues, she puts that aside to just show kindness to another!

I wish that it was as easy for me to attentively interact with people, as it appears to be for her. Not just people I know well, but casual acquaintances, or maybe even someone I have just met. Would I recognize a person in need? And if I did, would I do anything about it? Or would I tell myself that they probably have others in their life who will help them and then go on my way.

It might be that simple act of showing an interest in someone, and maybe even taking that extra step, that could make the difference in someone’s life to help them know they are loved, cared for and have hope.

It is one of my life goals to be more like this beautiful woman. To just maybe shine a small genuine ray of kindness to someone when they really need it. It my own way and with my own twist. For no other reason, than to be genuinely kind!

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