Free the Birdies! (D18)

We have spent the last two days attempting to “free” two little sparrows from our barn. It’s actually an old carriage house, that dates back to the 1920s, when it was used to house the horses and carriage, with a second floor to hold the hay. Over the years it was converted to a garage, with an ample work area and the second floor used for storage.

We purchased our home, in large part, because of this wonderful extra building. We loved all the room of that second floor and took advantage of the hay loft door and pulley system in the front of the barn to haul boxes and patio furniture to that storage area. In the past few years my husband has since converted the area to his man-cave, while still making some room for storage.

The lowers doors to the barn have been open alot the last few weeks, while my husband works to winterize the yard and house. We think the birds flew in through the garage doors and made their way into the second floor and now just don’t understand how to get out.

We started with two birds. Both chirping away and flying repeated into the upper glass panes where the site of sun and sky led them to believe it was an open window. It was sad watching them just fly into those panes over and over again — then hurriedly fly about the ceiling confused. So we had the idea to open the hay loft door, and cover the upper glass panes to block the light. Then we stood at the back end of the barn and slowly tried to coax the birds to the front opening. It was actually a bit hilarious to watch, if I’m being honest!

After 35 minutes of repeated attempts, we finally got one of the birds out of the loft. The second bird, however, we are still working on. It has found a hiding place in the wall beams and tucks itself away whenever we enter the area. We try for a while then close up and let it relax. Then we may occasionally catch the bid flying near those upper panes of glass, trying frantically to fly out. We have gone back to cover the upper glass, if nothing else, to save the bird from injuring itself.

We will try again tomorrow and hope the little bird will find its way out with our help, or on its own. I feel bad for the poor thing. So confused, trying the same thing over and over with no success. It must be a bit scared — if birds have that find of fear. Not to mention it must be getting hungry.

We feel a mission to free this bird and hope it will make it through another evening. I’m not keen on what it might be doing up there in the meantime, but more than that, I just want to know the birdie is free to fly!

Tomorrow, we will resume our tries! Wish us luck!

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