Back to WordPress I go!

You know how sometimes things look good when you first see or hear about them. It could be a new health kick, a fashion trend or the latest something or other. Whatever that thing is, it looks new and interesting and different? So you try it out. Then after a while, you realize that whatever that new thing is, it isn’t better – it’s just new or interesting or different. And then you lose interest or just move …

Well I tried a new website for posting, as part of a 60 day writing challenge. For a number of reasons, I made it through 27 days of posting then hit a wall. Illness, commitments, workload, the holidays and brain-fog just stopped my writing in it’s tracks. When I finally got back to writing, my awe of the new site had greatly diminished. So here I am, back home on WordPress – happy and content and ready to begin writing again.

I’ve copied all of my posts from my writing challenge from the “other” site, here on Lovin’ Life and I’m ready to get back on track as we enter 2016!

My writing challenge, however, is changing as well.

Writing daily was a pressure I wasn’t prepared for. Major kudos and much admiration for the family member who got me started on that journey and who personally is coming up on completing her 365 day writing project. I am completely in awe of her and her writing talent. For me, though, I’m guessing I kind of jumped into it without putting as much thought into the process as I should have…and failed!

Yet it wasn’t really a failure at all. I wrote, it felt good and I was happy with the output. It reminded me how much I LOVE to write. So after a little tweaking in my thought process, I’m thrilled to be back at it!

For 2016 I am shooting to write at least once  week. I’m being realistic with my goals for the new year – I find I am more successful that way. Some may say to shoot for the moon. Set lofty goals to really push yourself to achievement. I say this is what works best for me…

…and much prayer!

So begins a new year of writing. Writing for fun. Writing to share. Writing to help me along my journey of growth!

My prayer for you – a very happy, healthy and exciting New Year to everyone! See you in 2016!






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