A Different Kind of Holiday (D21)

I feel like I’ve been a bit heavy with my writing lately, so today I’m going to lighten up a bit!

Today was a holiday, of sorts, in our home. I’m not referring to my sister’s birthday, although that also happens to fall on today’s date. I’m talking about opening day of deer season.

If you live with an avid hunter, or have one in the family, you know exactly what I mean! The anticipation has been mounting for weeks! Pulling gear out of storage, making sure everything is in working order, preparing for any combination of weather situations and making sure their location is in prime condition. It’s much like a countdown of days until any holiday!

And today is the day! One of only a few days of the year when my husband hops out of bed VERY early in the morning, and gets right to getting ready. I should mention here that my husband is not usually a morning person. So trying to wake him before 8am for anything other than hunting season — or maybe a fishing trip — is challenging.

Not today! He popped out of bed, got dressed and in about 30 minutes he was heading out the door! A smile on his face and full of expectations!

My husband loves the woods. He can spend all day there, silently walking or sitting and just observing nature. It is where he feels the most at home and the most comfortable. It is where he feels closest to God! He does not take hunting lightly and does not hunt anything that is not fully utilized for food. Hunting is not a “sport” for him, but a way of providing for his family. Though to say he didn’t enjoy the time he spends hunting would not be truthful.

This is also a time that he has spent with his Dad for a good part of 40 years. Today was no different, as they headed out together, in the dark hours of the morning to a new hunting spot for both of them. Both have many stories to share from all their years of hunting. Stories of the ones taken, and of the ones that got away. Antics of a myraid of hunting trips with family and friends. Memories and bonding that will stay with my husband all of his days.

Here I sit. Patiently waiting for his return, as I type my post. Wondering to myself if he had any success. Praying a lot today for his safety, and for all other hunters out in the woods. I am thankful for his opportunity to put meat in our freezer, as well as to continue to make memories along the way.

I see his lights — excited that he is home! No deer today, but there is always tomorrow!

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