A Cat in the Lap (D2)

It’s been a long day. A blend of the normal Monday madness, after-work meetings and the added fun of non-stop political robocalls haunting every phone ring. Late dinner, some laundry and a feeble attempt to catch up on emails.

Not an unmanageable day, and not the busiest that I’ve had recently, but tiring none the less.

As I sit, finally, to read the newspaper, I feel the glare of two eyes from just past the raised foot of my recliner. I shrug it off, that feeling of someone waiting for you, with expectation.

I reposition my paper to avoid making eye contact, feeling fairly confident I’ve broken the connection. I just need a few minutes to myself. It’s nothing personal.

And just as I’m settling in for the read, it happens. The quick flash of fur, the sound of crunching (and ripping) paper and just like that — a Cat in the Lap!

Happy paws, deep guttural purrs and a few seconds to find her “sweet” spot, and she is in position. There is no moving her. No chance for a conversation about needing some space. This is HER time. End of discussion!

As I attempt a move to my tablet, she gently nudges the edge of the screen. First with her paw, then her head and finally her whole body. This is Mz. Crystal’s way of saying ENOUGH!

She is my reminder that it’s time to turn off, tune out and just be loved. The work/life balance. The importance of down time. She wants nothing from me but a warm lap, an occasion pet of the head and quiet.

I’m happy to oblige!

She sits for a little while, until she knows I’ve wound down, then she is off. Her job is done. She is off to explore. I am off to bed!

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