Gray…By Any Other Name

Its another gray day. A fairly common color these last few weeks and months, it seems. The sun has chosen to take a vacation, probably to some tropical island as a favor to their chamber of commerce, who need the sun for the busy tourist season! 

I miss the sun, and so does my natural vitamin D levels! It provides a mental boost and lessens the effects of these very short, dark and cold days! These sunless gray days, on the other hand, just seems to make me feel like I’m in a perpetual state of dusk – sleepy, lazy, dreary and blah!  

I like gray clothing! I have some beautiful gray sweaters of varying shades, gray dress pants, some beautiful gray scarves and even a nice pair of gray shoes. The color is very versatile and can be paired with a brighter color or darker color depending on if you are feeling adventurous or want to look more serious. 

I don’t like gray hair. I’m not one of those people whose gray grows into a beautiful shade of white or even a nicely peppered look. Nope, my gray looks dull and lifeless. It was the same for my Mom. We blondes don’t always gray well! So I visit my favorite hair dresser extraordinaire regularly when that obnoxious skunk line begins to make itself known at the top of my head. A few careful swipes of the paint brush and I look 10 years younger! 

I wish the sun would come out and make me FEEL 10 years younger! 

One of my favorite sayings is that an issue may not be black or white, but may be many shades of gray. I think a lot of issues today are this way. Sometimes we need to look at all aspects of an issue to really understand it – before we jump in to take a side. 

What about black and white photos? Are they really black and white or just many different shades of the mixture of the two? I love black and white photography. It seems to pop details – a different perspective than the burst of color that sometimes takes over our senses. So do people who are color-blind see details better in their shades of gray? I’ll have to ask my husband!

Are there really 50 shades of gray? I should drive over to the local hardware store and check out the color swatches!! 

And what is the difference between GRAY and GREY anyway? There isn’t – except that depending on which side of the pond you frequent, there may be a preference for one or the other! What the heck – I may use both interchangeably! Let the whim of the keyboard guide me to the E or A – now there’s a plan! 

Gray, by any other name, is a color. Yet is can bring us feelings of inspiration or depression. It can help us to understand different sides of a situation, or make it harder. It may bring details to what we see, maybe fuzz them up. It can bring on feelings of age or make us feel good when we are dressed up in it. One word that does quite a lot! Pretty cool!

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