Crushed No More

I have been crushed. Candy Crushed, that is. And throw in some Farm Heroes Saga and there goes an hour or so of this day, and pretty much every day! Hours that are just gone and never to be retrieved. 

Yes, I have a problem with game apps on my tablet. Thankfully I’ve narrowed it down to these two, because if you weren’t aware, there are probably hundreds of other free mobile games that are designed to suck the life right out of you! Well, maybe not that dramatic…but you get my point! 

Today, I am defiantly stating that I will be crushed no more! And here is why… 

Last evening I was in my recliner, a much needed time of rest after a pretty busy day of work, followed by some cleaning and dinner prep. Feet up, yet still feeling like I could accomplish something, I glanced over at my side table and saw a book that has been sitting there for several months, but that I have yet to dive into. On top of that is my study Bible, a couple of books for studies I’m in, and my new Daily Devotional – which I was supposed to start on January 1.  

I looked at the stack, contemplating which of these I’m going to finally pick up and do some reading in. Quickly in my mind, I weighed all my options and in a momentary flush of “Eureka” I picked up my Kindle, turned it on and proceeded to the Candy Crush app. 

See I was tired and I can play Candy Crush pretty much without thinking – even sometimes while I’m watching a TV program at the same time. In fact last night, that is exactly what I was doing. I was watching Sons of Liberty (a great new mini-series program this week on the History Channel) and playing Candy Crush.  

Now some would ask – if it was such a great program, why are you also playing a game to distract you from it? Others might say – why would you waste your time playing that game when there were other, better things to read within your arm’s reach? And both sets of folks would be correct. Yet I went right for the online game because it was easy, because it was something to do and in the end, because it was a pretty brainless activity.  

That is when it hit me! 

I am constantly making excuses for why I don’t have more time for important things – things like exercising, reading, writing, studying or any number of other things that I don’t put enough priority on to actually get into my day. And yet as I examined the activities of that same day, I had found enough time to check Facebook several times and play a few game apps. 

The truth is that perusing social media, playing a game on my tablet, or even watching some mindless TV program is not always the best use of my time. So why do I do it? In all honesty, it’s because they are an escape – a fairly non-stressful, no brainer, lack of energy activity that at the end of a busy day just seem like the thing to do. Or at least this is what I tell myself!  

Now, I’m not saying that any of these activities are inherently bad, or that I will never do them again – because we all know I just might. Yet they aren’t how I want to spend my down-time. When I find I am making excuses for why I don’t get other things done, but I was able to find time for those things, that’s when I need to re-examine what I’m doing! 

So today, in my continuing efforts to better manage my time and my life, I am breaking off my relationship with Candy Crush (and those cute veggies from Farm Saga)! I’m not waiting for lent or any other reason to do it – other than it is my choice to more wisely spend my time.  

We each choose how we spend the hours of each of our days. I am working to make the most of mine – even in my down time!

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