The Simple Life

Childhood. It was a simpler time. It was a time when our biggest worries were how quickly we could get our chores done so that we could get outdoors and just play. It didn’t matter if it was hot or cold or even raining or snowing. We just wanted to be outside! There was so much to do there. Explore, build a fort, ride bikes, visit the park. No cares, no worries, just enjoying nature! And the bigger the imagination, the more fun we had!

At our house, many of the chores in the summer involved the outdoors – planting, weeding or harvesting veggies from the garden, mowing the lawn, picking up branches, hanging laundry or helping out with different projects. My favorite “chore” was weeding in the tomato patch, which always included a damp rag and a shaker of salt so I could “sample” along the way. That wasn’t a chore at all!

We ate what we grew and I never worried about my weight, because we ate well, we ate raw and we moved a lot!

Today I have evolved into an adult who loves the outdoors, but barely spends any time actually enjoying it. Excuses abound for the why-nots! Too busy, too hot, too cold, too much effort, too little time. The BUGS!  I remember once being out in the fields of my childhood home when the tornado siren went off in the town. I wasn’t scared at all, and was quite unhappy that my very angry Mom made me come into the basement until the worst had passed. Today, I won’t leave the house if there is the threat of a thunderstorm within 30 miles of my home. Funny – maybe! Truthful – absolutely!

I realize that life as a child is most always simpler than life as an adult. And yet I think that as adults, we tend to lose sight of how simple life can be!

For many of us, our days are crammed full of activities and to-do lists. Some are out of necessity, but many are just there to take up time or because he haven’t yet figured out how to say no. Being busy has become a national past-time. I heard someone actually say the other day that if you aren’t busy, you aren’t truly living. I’m not sure I agree with that! That may be ok for some people, but give me my “green acres” and I’ll be as happy as a pig in mud!!

I yearn for a less complicated life. A simpler life. One where my calendar doesn’t run my life – but one where I choose the activities that nourish my soul! I want to free myself of this obsession with electronics and social media. Where I set aside time to get back out in nature and enjoy all that God has created around us! A trip to the lake, fishing and hiking with my husband, creating a home garden that fills our dinner table!

It may not happen in the next couple of months – since my wimpy adult self is admittedly no longer a fan of freezing out in the winter elements – but Spring is only a few short months away and I’m raring to go!

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