Recognizing Our Happy Moments

I read a recent post from a friend who, after reading posts from someone who was battling the horrible effects of cancer, was letting others know that their more trivial complaints and comments should be kept to themselves! Her message used much more colorful and direct language, but her point was pretty clear – let’s try to all get some perspective on what you think is so bad in your life!

I am definitely one to get caught up in the less than stellar moments of life – the activity that didn’t go as planned, the relationship that went all wonkers, the stress of dealing with unexpected situations or a change that I wasn’t thrilled about. Often those are the topics that I focus on when I’m writing, but today I’m going to take the advice of my friend and just jot down some positive thoughts and experiences I’ve had recently.

Here it goes…

  • the taste of fresh strawberry shortcake when strawberries are out of season (thank you ever-bearing strawberry plants)!
  • opening an unexpected card or letter from a friend who was just letting me know I was on their mind!
  • the person who slows down to let you into the ridiculously long line of traffic after 25 cars before him blocked your way!
  • seeing a piece of jewelry that totally speaks to you, and it’s NOT expensive!
  • the stranger who taps you on the shoulder to say you just dropped a $20 bill from your pocket, when they could’ve just kept it!
  • that excited feeling you have when leaving the salon after just getting a new cut and color and you know you look fabulous!
  • that moment when the call you have been dreading turns into a pleasant conversation after all!
  • the feeling you get after completing a project that took a lot of time and effort – and stress!
  • the parking space that opens up right in front – when the rest of the lot is full!
  • being welcomed by someone you’ve never met and made to feel at home in a place you’ve never been before!
  • standing in front of an empty bread rack just as the bakery worker comes out to load up the hot, fresh bread!
  • the excitement of telling your old warn out stories to someone new!
  • cleaning through a drawer and finding an item that you lost years before!
  • reaching down deep to hold your tongue when every ounce of you wanted to say something!
  • reading a passage at the exact time when those words were exactly what you needed to hear!
  • knowing that the words you just said to someone really made a difference for them at that moment!
  • just listening or just being listened to!
  • the big smile from that little one who sees you coming and is so excited they could just burst!
  • the puppy (by the way all dogs are puppies to me) that gives you a good ‘ole lap on the cheek just because you were there!
  • watching a movie for the 100th time and still laughing or crying like it was the first time you’d seen it (even as you are reciting all the dialogue right along with the actors)!
  • a thank you from someone for helping them out with the simplest of things!

And some real biggies that have impacted me-

Having people in your life who lift you up, without asking for anything in return, without having to be asked and sometimes without saying a word!

Having a husband who loves you no matter what – how you look, what you say, how you are feeling or how you are acting. Very important for a woman entering her menopausal years!

Opening my Bible and being able to find a verse for any occasion and any situation I may be facing! Seeing my prayers answered, even in the smallest way! Knowing a blessing when I see it! Being loved and loving others!

Being yourself, when others expect or are trying to get you to be someone else! Seeing yourself becoming the person you want to be – and knowing how much work it took to get there!

“Try to be happy within the context of the life we are actually living. Happiness is not a situation to be longed for or a convergence of lucky happenstance. Through the power of our own minds, we can help ourselves.” ~ Wayne Coyne

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One Response to Recognizing Our Happy Moments

  1. Dorothy F. says:

    Thank you so much for that mindful and always relevant reminder that remembering to be thankful leads to a greater awareness which will bring fulfillment and contentment. And that is ultimately what happiness is made of 🙂

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