A Little Bit About Me

Hi! My name is Sharon and I turned 50 this year. Sounds like the introduction of an addict!

Some people would be upset over that number. Not me! I’ve never been intimidated by age and most times haven’t given it a second thought. Yet the truth is 50 is a milestone. A time when you truly look at your life and realize that you are on the back slope of the mountain of life.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am by no means done! I’m not done with learning lessons.  I’m not done with the good and bad of what life brings. I am not done living my life! And yet I find myself taking an account of my first 50 years. Have I done what I wanted to do by now? Am I proud of who I am at this age? Am I yet the person I was meant to be? Heavy questions, right?

So here are some of my most important facts:                                                                IMG_2158
1) I am a born-again Christian and a follower of Jesus
2) I am happily married and am more in love each year that goes by
3) I love my family – that includes both blood and those from “another mother”
4) I love to be involved – volunteering is a big part of my life
5) I am a recovering type-A personality

I hope through this blog I can share some stories about my faith journey, some important things that I have learned along the way and sometimes just some random thoughts. Life has not always been easy or gone the way I planned. Yet it is the blessings of this life that make it worth living. And I’m lovin’ it!

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